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Stoke Chasers

With the more girls out there, the more wild it's going to get

In an interestingly subliminal way, many young girls are taught how to watch and not how to do. Girls are led on to think that they are more fragile and weak. Stoke Chasers aims to get women to stand up and fight this notion of just watching and to break the connection between being feminine and being fragile. When the unspoken barriers of the male dominated surf and skate world are broken, women are celebrated for being a part of a similar community, but not necessarily the same community.  Stoke Chasers poses the question, “what if we were told we were strong from the beginning?” We would be able to foster a community of girls that were not complacent with watching, but girls that are more inclined to be doing.  Risk is a quality normally associated with masculinity but after all, we are all made up of the same skin and bones that can be broken and scraped when posed with risk. 



why are you never home?

A Yearbook type book created by my good friend Madison Brooks and I back in the summer of 2018. The book consists most of my photography and layouts and all the drawings and some photography by Madison Brooks.  The book is 112 pages only consists of film photos, and is available for purchase.  

"An artistic view on the past two years of our lives. A raw culture study of the people and place and people we love the most. Here is to youth culture, to love, to the South Bay, and to every single piece we preserved mindlessly. With our hearts and minds full of love, thank you to everyone who made it so great. This is why we were never home."


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