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     As a photographer, filmmaker, designer, and band manager, my creativity has little limitations.  Being primarily a photographer, I began experimenting with this medium when I was seven years old.  Over the years, most of my photography has become a reflection of my belief of living in the moment.  Most of the lifestyle photos I take are spontaneous and unplanned and are all taken with 35mm film. What inspires me to bring my camera along with me wherever I go is the natural beauty of everyday life and the adventures it brings. 

     I started experimenting with filmmaking  simultaneously at the age of seven.  Now I make films using analog techniques such as Super 8, 16mm, and even stop motion.  My most recent film Stoke Chasers, has inspired me to continue documenting under represented communities using these analog techniques due to their exclusion in the media when these filming techniques were popular.

     It is evident that a lot of my work has to do with music, as being the manager for an up and coming funk and soul band has become a huge source of inspiration in all of these artistic fields.  Making music videos has always been something I have been very passionate about, as I find the relationship between music and visual arts comes very naturally.  Shooting other artists that are full of so much passion while performing is an art that I have only grown to love more and more. 

     In the future I plan to use my art as a way to make change in the world and to try and sway more people into the analog nature of things.  I plan to keep using mediums that are no longer as popular to bring peoples essence to the screen in an untraditional way. In order to make art that will inspire people, blending mediums is something that many of us should begin to experiment with more. 


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